The Boutique Experience

For us, service begins the moment you walk in the room. Get ready…today is going to be all about you.


Boutique is more than just a salon. We are a community – one dedicated to celebrating your individual radiance. We want you to feel that the moment you walk through the door and let the cheerfully relaxed atmosphere wash over you. Feel the love. The receptionist is genuinely happy to see you and all the more delighted that you were just driving by and realized that you needed a facial and a quick wax. Appointments are never necessary. First time? Nothing makes us happier than to see our community growing. We’re so glad you can be a part of it.

We want you to feel the stress of the day dissolve around you as the cold dew of today’s local artisan Riesling glances your fingertips.  All those worries of not looking good enough become a faint memory as the confident hands of our technicians begin to accent and perfect the natural beauty that you know has always been there.

Feel the love.  The esthetician doesn’t want to just provide you with a facial, but teach you about your skin so your home care program keeps you shimmering until your next visit. Let us know how else we can help you light up the room.

This is the beginning of an exciting relationship.