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Sharplight treatments are the most effective and side-effect-free way to say “see you later, little crater.”

Our Service Using Sharplight Technology

The oils that keep your skin hydrated and glowing can be both friend and enemy. Excess amounts plug your pores, trapping bacteria and skin cells, which cause pore-bursting infection. When your body fights this off, it creates a little warzone around the pore that becomes red and inflamed, forming the gruesome bump we know as acne. So in a sense, pimples are a sign that something good is happening – unfortunately that’s not what comes to mind at first glance. From our teenage years and often far too long after, we have been doing everything we can to form a pimple peace treaty on our faces, but could never seem to control it even with drugs and topical treatments with intense side effects. And often, the acne just returns with the same intensity (or worse) after treatment stops.

The Sharplight treatment reduces the number of acne lesions by 60-65% without any side effects or recovery time. The versatility of the technology ends the “war for the pore” with a threefold attack: visible blue light absorption to destroy the acne-causing bacteria, yellow light to coagulate the blood vessels feeding the inflammation, and infrared light to dry the lesions. Only Sharplight’s unique level of precision and versatility can provide such a dynamic and side-effect free response to the acne scourge. Long-lasting results, all without ravaging your skin’s precious natural resources.

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    I had an absolutely amazing experience with Dawne for my first sharplight laser hair removal session! I highly recommend booking a consultation at the Boutique for laser hair removal, you will thank me!


    I had my first ever Boutique experience last week, and it was phenomenal! Dawne and her business associate 'Brandie' were incredibly professionally, patient, and knowledgeable throughout my first of many laser appointments! Their state of the art laser equipment was literally PAIN FREE!! As someone who was jaded by previous laser experiences, and in turn switched back to waxing for many years, these gals have made me a believer!! Boutique Esthetics Lounge will be a sure fire success, and I cannot wait to get back to experience all of their amazing offerings!


    Had a wonderful welcome and a tour followed by the best nails since I've moved to Kelowna!! Thank you Brandie for my fabulous finger tips! Can't wait to come back for more.