Acrylic Nails

Waiting for nails to grow is like…watching nails grow.  Can we speed this up?  Get claws that awe in one short visit.

Our Service

Our brilliant nail technicians build onto your existing nail with the precision of a watchmaker.  We cleanse the nail area to prevent any possibility of infection and carefully hand file to ensure there is no damage to the nail bed.  The acrylic nail enhancement is made by mixing two substances that combine to form nail-like fibers.  It’s molded to the desired shape and size, quickly setting into a strong, sassy and natural-looking extension.

Essential if you have thin, brittle or slow-growing nails – or just need a quick nail tweak for a special occasion.

Your acrylic nails will begin to grow out after two weeks, requiring maintenance to the exposed cuticle.  However, simply “filling” this area is ultimately more damaging to the nails.  Boutique provides a full re-balancing service, which involves treating the exposed cuticle area, along with adjusting the length, smile line, apex and free edge of the enhanced nail.  This program keeps the shape and health of the nail, allowing you to flaunt your tantalizing talons indefinitely!



$ 60+


$ 55+

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Dawne for my first sharplight laser hair removal session! I highly recommend booking a consultation at the Boutique for laser hair removal, you will thank me!


I had my first ever Boutique experience last week, and it was phenomenal! Dawne and her business associate 'Brandie' were incredibly professionally, patient, and knowledgeable throughout my first of many laser appointments! Their state of the art laser equipment was literally PAIN FREE!! As someone who was jaded by previous laser experiences, and in turn switched back to waxing for many years, these gals have made me a believer!! Boutique Esthetics Lounge will be a sure fire success, and I cannot wait to get back to experience all of their amazing offerings!


Had a wonderful welcome and a tour followed by the best nails since I've moved to Kelowna!! Thank you Brandie for my fabulous finger tips! Can't wait to come back for more.