Sparse brows won’t carry anyone’s gaze down to your beautiful eyes.  Get striking, natural-looking eyebrows without the “tattooed” look.  You can do better than blue!

Our Service

Eye-grabbing brows put a punctuation mark on your beauty.  Small changes can transform the whole tone of your face.  For this you need the right level of technology.

Microblading is the next generation of eyebrow enhancement that uses a finely-needled pen to draw bold accents onto the existing beauty of your eyebrows. The realism of Microblading means you don’t need to replace your brows with an artificial-looking line. Our technicians are able to match your hair pigment and draw onto your existing shape. Thanks to Microblading, we can now work with brows the way real estheticians want to, expanding on the beauty that is already there.

The ink looks more vivid and hair-like than even the best tattooing job because the pigment is set near the surface of the skin.  Tattoo needles push the ink deep into the sublayers of your skin resulting in a faint bluish hue that looks nothing like the beautiful brows you deserve.  The crude, fast-pumping needles damage the epidermal layers, which causes the color to run and all definition to bleed together.  Microblading perfectly matches the pigment of your hair color and, even up close, you would swear your beautiful eyebrow shape was growing naturally.

Making this leap into perfect eyebrows takes only two and a half hours including consultation.  The procedure is relatively painless and requires a touch-up every 1-3 years.


New Set

$ 500.00 ~ Includes First Fill ~

Full Brow Restore (Medical Conditions)

$ 600

Fills & Touch Ups

$ 150

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Dawne for my first sharplight laser hair removal session! I highly recommend booking a consultation at the Boutique for laser hair removal, you will thank me!


I had my first ever Boutique experience last week, and it was phenomenal! Dawne and her business associate 'Brandie' were incredibly professionally, patient, and knowledgeable throughout my first of many laser appointments! Their state of the art laser equipment was literally PAIN FREE!! As someone who was jaded by previous laser experiences, and in turn switched back to waxing for many years, these gals have made me a believer!! Boutique Esthetics Lounge will be a sure fire success, and I cannot wait to get back to experience all of their amazing offerings!


Had a wonderful welcome and a tour followed by the best nails since I've moved to Kelowna!! Thank you Brandie for my fabulous finger tips! Can't wait to come back for more.