Stand Up Tanning

Stand up, get brown and knock ’em down!  Rock a bod with the smoothest possible bronze.  No more ghostly racing stripes.


Stand up tanning booths provide a more even tan.  Because of your ability to move around within the booth, they smuggle more beautiful bronze into those hard-to-reach places like the sides and underarms, which lie-down beds tend to leave underdone.  The high-intensity lamps in our booths are also super efficient, providing maximum results in often half the time as conventional beds – with many sessions running under 10 minutes!  

Also ideal for those with larger frames that find conventional beds a little small for their comfort.


10 Minute 220 Watt Stand Up

Drop In

$ 2.5 a minute

Month Unlimited

$ 100

Minutes ~ Stand Up ~

50 Mins

$ 100

100 Mins

$ 150

200 Mins

$ 250

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Dawne for my first sharplight laser hair removal session! I highly recommend booking a consultation at the Boutique for laser hair removal, you will thank me!


I had my first ever Boutique experience last week, and it was phenomenal! Dawne and her business associate 'Brandie' were incredibly professionally, patient, and knowledgeable throughout my first of many laser appointments! Their state of the art laser equipment was literally PAIN FREE!! As someone who was jaded by previous laser experiences, and in turn switched back to waxing for many years, these gals have made me a believer!! Boutique Esthetics Lounge will be a sure fire success, and I cannot wait to get back to experience all of their amazing offerings!


Had a wonderful welcome and a tour followed by the best nails since I've moved to Kelowna!! Thank you Brandie for my fabulous finger tips! Can't wait to come back for more.